Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)

Passive acoustic hydrophones are highly sensitive underwater microphones. Using such a system it is possible to detect the vocalisations of many species of marine mammal. Developed and tested for reliability, Vanishing Point offers you a range of equipment, for purchase or rental, from simple hydrophones deployed from a small boat, to full scientific monitoring and reporting facilities for the offshore oil, gas and demolition industries. The more complex monitoring arrays are rented on a daily basis along with an operator or a full team depending on  requirements.  Our complete package also offers real-time monitoring, using the latest automatic detection software, and the ability to digitally record marine mammal vocalisations and ambient noise. Vanishing Point is always happy to discuss a system to suit your project needs.

microphoneVPMarine is currently working to develop new and improved systems using either remote tethered pods, transmitting data by radio signal, or deployment from ship-based remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s). In addition to passive detection, there is growing evidence to support the use of active deterrents for environmental protection. These units are designed to emit sounds that deter, but are not harmful, to the target species to protect them from industrial activities. Vanishing Point aims to design deterrents that are applicable to a wide range of species.

In the past years VPMarine has delivered acoustic systems for use by National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) USA, QinetiQ (formerly DERA), Conoco UK, and Gardline UK in addition to many academic marine research teams around the world.

Marine Accoustic Monitoring